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Please click here to download our risk assessment


This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with disabilities, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our visitors.



Situated just outside Filey, the 5 acre Park is set within open countryside.  With its special mix of friendly animals, birds, gardens and wildlife habitats, we welcome visitors of all ages and abilities.   This outdoor attraction consists of a variety of friendly animals in spacious paddocks; different gardens including a sensory garden and a formal garden surrounded by aviaries. There are also a number of different wildlife areas and a small children’s play park.  The larger animals can be fed with special food which is available to buy at the entrance or in the shop.  The shop sells a range of reasonably priced, themed gifts, with a café serving light refreshments.  The park is mostly level, with a slight incline towards the far end, and has regularly spaced seating areas.


We endeavour to make continual improvements and adaptations, both in terms of physical barriers and participation in all aspects, and within the constraints of the site and the financial resources available to a small family-run attraction.   We will regularly monitor and review our policy and consult with Local Disability Groups, and welcome any suggestions to help us achieve this. (January 2015)




For full details and maps of how to reach us please see the directions section of our website. Alternatively, you can plan your journey by public transport using these bus and train timetables links.


• The nearest railway station is Filey, which is 1mile away (a 20-30 minute walk). Taxis are available at the station. If you require an accessible taxi you can book this in advance, see

contact information for details.

•There are regular buses that pass our main entrance from both the north (Scarborough) and the south (Hull); the 120 and the more direct 121.  These are usually low-floor, easy access buses that can take wheelchairs. If travelling from the north please ask for the first stop in Filey.  From here you need to return back up the road (away from Filey) for approx. 0.3 miles (480m) until you reach the Brown sign, and then cross the road into our entrance.  If travelling from the south please ask for the last stop in Filey.  From here you need to cross the road to access the continuous footpath and turn left (away from Filey) for approximately. 0.2 miles (320m) until you reach the Brown sign, and then re-cross the road into our entrance.  Both bus stops have shelters and seating.


Car Parking and Arrival

There is free parking on site for 50 cars, with 3 clearly marked Blue Badge parking spaces situated on the left as you enter the car park.  these are approx 26' (8m) from the main entrance.  The car park is surfaced with large lose gravel; please ask a member of staff to assist if you have difficulties on this.


Admission and Entrance

From the Car Park there is gravelled queuing area that leads to the Pay Desk window which is approx. 40" (1m) from the floor.  Entrance to the Park is then through a lightly sprung push-barrier.


The Park

The main footpaths around the park are 12ft (3.6m) hard stoned or short mown grass (these are generally firm but may become soft after heavy rain).  The Formal Gardens have 5’ (1.5m) well compacted gravel paths with additional lawned paths within each garden.  The Secret Garden is accessed via a 40” (1m) sprung, inward-opening door.  A short bark path leads to a deck (overlooking the Wildlife Pond) via a wooden ramp; narrower bark paths continue through the Secret Garden.  

There are a large number of interpretation boards around the park, covering the different birds, animals, wildlife and sensory garden.  The majority of these are at a maximum top height of 5' (1.5m), and in large font with pictorial content.


Alcohol hand rubs are situated around the park, with main hand-washing facilities at the toilets



The toilet block is located approximately 60' (18m) from the entrance and contains separate facilities for both male and female, and a unisex facility for disabled and baby changing (a key is not required to access it). These are the only toilets in the park.  There are additional covered hand-washing facilities outside the toilets with a long trough sink, soap and paper towels.

Disabled WC:

•The WC height is 19” (48cm)

•There is a horizontal rail on the wall to the right of the WC

•There is a vertical rail to the left of the toilet

•There is a wall mounted drop-down rail to the left of the toilet

•The wash basin is 28”(70cm) high with lever taps

•There are vertical rails at either side of the wash basin

•The toilet paper, soap and paper towel dispensers  are 39-43”(100-110cm) high

•The flooring is vinyl so care must be taken if wet


Shop and Cafe

The cafe and gift shop are housed in one building with level vinyl flooring throughout, and is accessed via a ramp onto a raised outside café deck. The door into the building is 40” (1m) wide and outward opening (though usually left open in fine weather).  A further short ramp leads down into the shop/café.  The cafe is self-service, but staff members are always happy to assist on request.  We sell a range of hot and cold drinks, but as food is limited to cold snacks such as sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps, cakes and ice creams etc, we are unable to cater for special dietary requirements.



We welcome all dogs (on short leads), where they are allowed everywhere except the children’s play park.  Water is always available.


We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please telephone 01723 514439 or email


Contact Information

Local Equipment Hire (Mobility Aids):

Scarborough Mobility, 13-14 Falconers Road, Scarborough, YO11 2EN Tel: 01723 377515


Local Accessible Taxi:

Nippy Taxis, Scarborough Tel: 0845 136 6197 email:


Local Public Transport:

East Yorkshire Motor Services Tel: 01482 592929

Shoreline Suncruisers Tel: 01723 360969










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